Sunday, August 8, 2010

Discovery of the Cardinal Nest

So this afternoon, Mom and I were checking our garden to see if anything was ripe yet. As we were walking to our garden, I noticed a male cardinal chriping at us. I'm pretty sure he was telling us to get out of his space. lol. So after we checked the garden, I saw the cardinal hopping around the birdfeeder, so I waited so he could get some food. Then we noticed that he was going in the lilac bush right next to the feeder! So we went inside, and he started to colloct food and take it to the bush. He had a funny little system goin' on too. It went:

Go to the bird feeder...

then he'd jump onto the feeder pole...

then he'd grab a seed and hop back to the bush all sneaky like and feed his babies.

A little later I saw the mother. She's pretty too. Apparently Mom saw the female earlier today, and the sun hit her feathers just right that it made her look almost orange. :)

I'm excited to have more cardinals flying around my house. :)


  1. Cool! I'd love to have a nest in my lilac bush! Great job on the pictures too-- birds can be difficult, and you got a bunch of nice shots!

  2. Thanks! :D I was pretty happy with them, but when we resided our house, the lilac bush got chopped in half, so there's no longer a spot for the cardinals to nest... :(